Wellness Center Groups for Fall 2020

Operation Changes in Dining Services
September 3, 2020
3 Steps to Creating a Culture of Wellness
October 29, 2020
Operation Changes in Dining Services
September 3, 2020
3 Steps to Creating a Culture of Wellness
October 29, 2020

The following is a list of new groups that are offered by the Wellness Center, Mental Health Services over the Fall 2020 semesters. If you don’t see the days and times of the group you are interested in and/or if you know you would like to attend a group, please call the Wellness Center at (719) 255 4444 and let us know the group you are interested in. Once we receive your information, you will receive a reply message in your UCCS e-mail inbox with answers to your questions and we can connect you with the clinicians to welcome you into your group.

Surviving the Pandemic with DBT Skills

Fridays 1-2:30 p.m., led by Nikki Blakesley, PsyD and Lateka Salley LCSW

Are you feeling out of control during these uncertain times in your thoughts, emotions, relationships, or behaviors? In this group you will learn many coping skills that will help you create more balance in your life during the COVID-19 pandemic and focus on taking control in areas that you can.

Support for Survivors Group

Tuesdays 10-11:30 a.m., led by Nikki Blakesley, PsyD and Christy Thrash, PsyD

This is a group for students who have survived any type of traumatizing experience that is sexual in nature. During this time of increased social isolation due to COVID-19, we want to provide a gentle and safe place for survivors to connect and support each other. Sexual violence impacts all genders and sexual identities, and a staggering number of people experience sexual violence at some point in their lives. You are not alone!

Mindfulness Group

Led by Debby Patz, PsyD and Melissa Cole, PsyD

The practice of mindfulness has been linked to psychological well-being. Research suggests that as little as three minutes of daily practice can reduce our perceptions of stress. Mindfulness practice can help you monitor and manage your thinking and emotions, enabling you to be proactive rather than reactive when experiencing stressful times, such as the current state of the pandemic and the plethora of unknowns. This 5-week mindfulness group is designed to help you transition from living life on “automatic pilot” to living life in the present moment and develop self-acceptance, patience, and compassion.

LGBTQIA+ Support and Process Group

Tuesdays 3-4:30 p.m., led by Melissa Cole, PsyD and Lateka Salley LCSW

This is a support and process group for the LGBTQIAP+ community with therapeutic guidance from facilitators. It will provide a safe space for those identifying under the LGBTQIAP+ umbrella during the current pandemic. We will use this space to process topics related to being a member of this community.

Students of Color Group

Led by Heatherlyn Hoffman, PsyD and Lateka Salley, LCSW

Are you a person of color in need of safe and supportive space to process emotions related to being in a pandemic and civil unrest?  If so, Student of Color group is here for you. This group offers a safe and supportive environment where we can engage in open dialogue about issues we may be facing, including discrimination, oppression, and racism. In this group find representative community and support for coping in the broader racial and social context both here at UCCS and globally.

Eating Disorder Interpersonal Group

Mondays 1-2 p.m., led by Cathy Calvert, PsyD

This group will focus on helping those who have been diagnosed with an eating disorder, believe they have an eating disorder, or are in recovery from an eating disorder. We will explore how our relationships and our daily functioning during this stressful time are impacted by the way we view and fuel our bodies.

Couples Communication During Our “New Normal” Group

Led by Cathy Calvert, PsyD and Melissa Cole, PsyD, call the Wellness Center with further questions

Communication can be difficult during “normal” times, but what about when our world has been turned upside down and our “new normal” is different than what we used to have? This group will focus on couples who are struggling with having effective communication within their relationship. Skills will be taught to help the couple specifically ask for what they need or want from each other while maintaining a strong relationship.

Ally Group

Wednesdays 1:30-3 p.m. led by Debby Patz, PsyD and Benek Altayli, PsyD

Explore and discuss being a stronger, more competent and effective ally in race relations. This is a free and non-clinical group, open to anyone who would like to have informed, intelligent, inclusive, sensitive discussions while exploring their own identities in relationship to others.

Self-Acceptance Group

Mondays 3-4:30pm, led by Lateka Salley LCSW and Jesie Steffes, LPC

This group includes body positivity and acceptance in a broader format. During times of crisis, we often struggle to respond to ourselves with compassion and acceptance. In this group, we’ll examine various aspects of wellness and how to respond to all aspects of self with kindness. This group will be educational and supportive.

Body Positivity Group

Led by Jesie Steffes, LPC and Cathy Calvert, PsyD

Many are struggling with body issues during the pandemic. This group supports those struggling with unhelpful food habits and negative thoughts about body image. This group is a skills-based group with a sharing and processing component.

Grief and Loss Group:

Led by Jesie Steffes, LPC and Heatherlyn Hoffman, PsyD

This groups supports students experiencing loss and bereavement. Loss comes in many forms: the loss of a person, the loss of relationships, or even the loss of stability and security. While this specific group is for those who have lost someone important to them, we encourage you to reach out with ANY loss, as we are able to form groups for symbolic loss as well. (i.e. The loss of a relationship, declining health, loss of future plans because of COVID, etc.) This group will be process oriented, allowing participants to share and gain support from peers and facilitators, while also offering education on relevant and helpful ways to cope with the pain of loss.

Test Anxiety Group

Led by Christy Thrash, PsyD

Do you find yourself stressed out at test time? Join us to learn how to manage that testing anxiety for a better school experience. Contact the Wellness Center front desk to set up a brief meeting to learn more about the group. You don’t have to be in individual therapy to participate.

Stand Alone Support Group

Led by Christy Thrash, PsyD

Stand Alone is a free, nonclinical group for students who lack support from family members and are paying their own way through college. During this time of increased social isolation due to COVID-19, we want to provide you with the opportunity to receive extra emotional support and to connect with others who are struggling with similar circumstances. You will receive information about resources to help decrease your stress and increase your success. Topics the group will cover include affordable housing; financial planning and credit; what to do if you run out of groceries; and, how to manage conflict with roommates. 

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